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Requesting Your Medical Records from from Your Closed Unsuccessful Disability Claims

If someone contacts me and they have lost one, two, three or even four times before, I instruct them to get the medical records from their old cases. This is how to do it.

(1) Obtain Social Security Form SSA-3288 Consent for Release of Information It is easily found by just doing an internet search.

(2) Fill in Your Full Name, Date of Birth and Social Security Number in the first fields provided at the top of the page.

(3) Next under where it says Name of Person or Organization and Address of Person or Organization just put your name and address AND an e-mail address

(4) Where it says I want this information release because put "to prepare to file my new claim."

(5) Check Box 8 Other record(s) from my file

(6) On the lines under Box 8 Put, "All Medical Records and Any Judge/ALJ decisions from my dissapproved claim(s) which was/were closed approximately in [Put the year(s) and month].

(7) Fill in the signature, date, address and daytime phone fields at the bottom. Leave the other sections below this blank.

(8) Make a copy of the completed form for yourself.

(9) Mail it via certified recturn receipt or bring it to your closest public office and ask for a receipt proving you submitted it (currently they are all closed due to the pandemic) or fax it making sure you keep the fax confirmation.

(10) Call the office every two months to follow-up on it. Note and keep the note regarding the date, time and person with whom you spoke or left a message.


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