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Gastroparesis and Social Security Disability

Imagine that your stomach stops working. That means it's not holding food as it should and it's not digesting it or breaking it down as it should. That is what is happening when someone has gastroparesis. Doctors don't know the exact cause of it and there is no cure. Of course these things are not really important under the law in determining whether someone qualifies for Social Security disability. It's about the symptoms which may include vomitting, naseau, abdominal pain, bloating and cramping and fatigue among others --- and the severity/intensity, duration, frequency and limiting effects of the symptoms --- while doing anything and everything your gastrenterologist tells you to do over an extended period of time. This is sort of a mystery illness. These type of cases have some additional hurdles that might not immediatly be apparent. "Why are you on disability?" "I vomit a lot and get bloated." As with any disease or condition some people have it and can hold down full-time jobs. I have represented people with gastroparesis and heard their stories and gotten to know them and their families. While there are for sure more painful and difficult medical conditions out there, as the phrase goes, "I wouldn't wish this on . . . "


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