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The Tower of Babel and Social Security Disability

The Tower of Babel is the Bible Story where everyone in the world spoke one language. Then they started building a tower to reach heaven. God did not like this. He knocked down the tower and then made it so that all of a sudden all the people of the world no longer spoke one language but spoke forty different languages. As a result they were no longer able to communicate with eachother and start building the tower again.

Here is the related challenge with the Social Security Disability Determination Process. It involves several languages all trying to communicate with eachtother. You have the languages of the legal system, the vocational rehabilitation field, government administration, and medicine. I would also add behavorial health medicine as almost a seperate and distinct language.

Some of these languages may be related such as Spanish and Italian are related as Romance Languages. Some of these languages may be very distinct and different such as Hindi and Arabic. So the disability system works and aims to be almost an interpreter of sorts in understanding all these languages when making decisions. And amazingly most of the time this confluence works. However there is still significant room for error due to this especially when it comes to mental illness and intellectual disabilities. Add to this the fact that compared to areas of law like personal injury and workers compensation you have considerably less, if any, direct communication between the various speakers, and things may or may not go as you or most people might think it should.

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