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Would You Trust the Opinion of a Doctor if that Opinion was Based Upon a Broken X-Ray, MRI or CT sca

This is the follow-up to my previous entry about Social Security continuing to rely on the Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) to make disability determinations for the mentally ill despite its material flaws. The flaws of the GAF are so many and so varied that to rely on GAF Scores IMHO is an abuse of discretion by the Judges and a violation of Due Process. The following is a list of academic articles discussing all these flaws. A special thank you goes to two Doctoral Candidate friends of mine who did this research for me.

Routine Evaluation of Mental Health: Reliable Information or Worthless “Guesstimates?”

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The GAF Gaffe: Ethical Quandries for Psychologists in Workers’ Compensation Settings: the GAF Gaffe – Shadi Gholizadeh Vanessa Malcarne Michael schatman Psychol. Inj. And Law (2015) 8:64-81

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Psychological Association Jakob Store-Valen Physcological Assessment 2015, Vol 27 No. 3 865-873

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Workplace Functional Impairment Due to Mental Disorders Charles Els University of Alberta Canada

Measurement of Pyschological Impairtment in Matters of Civil Litigation – APS Working Group on the Measurement of Psychological Impairment

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The Professional Counselor from the National Board for Certified Counselors Inc and Affiliates: the GAFF Volume 4 Issue 3 Special Issue: Counseling and the DSSM-5

Frequently Asked Questions about DSM-5 Implementation for Clinicians UPDATED 8/1/2013 – internet address:

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