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Why Where you Worked 6, 10, 0r 15 Years Ago No Longer Matters.

The picture you see is Conway Twitty, the late country music star. He wrote a hit song called, "15 years." 15 years is how far back Social Security used to looked to classify your "Past Relevant Work." The regulations required that all jobs you had in the past fifteen years from the date you claim you became disabled be reviewed. If you worked at any of those jobs long enough to learn them and/or made enough money at them, they would be considered Past Relevant Work. Social Security would then look at what you can still do physically and mentally today despite your credibly established limitations ans ask whether you could still do any of those jobs. If they determined that the answer is Yes then you would be denied disability. They are now changing that number from 15 years to 5 years. The rule is 20 CFR Parts 404 and 416 published in the Federal Register on April 18, 2024. It goes into effect June 18, 2024. The major reason for this, among others, they have determined that in today's economy and occupations change so quickly that a job that you did ten to fifteen years ago may be so different today to practically be an entirely different job. This is a good thing and good news and the Social Security Administration is to be applauded for making this change. The 15 years had become problematic for a number of reasons and had started to hinder both the efficiency and the overall fairness of the disabiity determination process. Conway Twitty by the way was not singing not about Past Relevant Work. He was singing about not ever forgetting his true love who he last saw fifteen years ago.


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