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Off Topic: Northeastern Pennsylvania Corruption

This list is only of invidividuals convicted of crimes directly related to their position. It is a work in progress. It does not include unethical behavior, questionable behavior or other behavior that lessens faith in government. For example if someone sold drugs while being employed as a prison guard but did not do it while he was working as a prison guard he would not be listed. If an elected official became involved in a busiiness deal with someone whose related project they approved and no law was apparenty broken, they woud not be listed. If these broader type instances and other similar occurrences were included this list would be significantly longer. The list is only for Lackawanna County.


Court of Common Pleas Judge Frank Eagan

Elected Officials

Scranton Mayor Jim Courtwright

County Commissioner Robert Cordaro

County Commissioner A.J. Munchak

State Senator Robert Mellow

State Representative Frank Serafini

Law Enforcement

Dunmore Police Chief Patrick Reese

* convicted for acts related to position as head of security for the PA State Attorney General

Old Forge Police Chief Larry Semenza

Old Forge Police Captain Jamie Krenitsky

Scott Township Police Chief Joseph Romano

Jessup Police Officer Mark Icker


County Prison Guard Joseph Black

County Prison Counselor Samantha Heinrich

County Prison Guard George Efthimiou

Appointed Officials

Assistant District Attorney Kathleen Kane*

* conviction for acts committed whie Pennsylvania State Attorney General

Civil Servants

Quasi-Governmental Entities

NEIU Executive Director Fred Rosetti

Teachers/School Officials

Lakeland School District Teacher Nick Baggetta

Lakeland School District Teacher Ruth Baggetta

Scranton School District Business Manager Greg Sunday

Scranton School District Fleet Manager Daniel Sansky

Private Individuals

Fire Departments/Hose Companies

Old Forge Ambuland and Rescue Association President Robert Gotay

Old Forge Police Chief Larry Semenza

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