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One of the Social Security Judge's Most Powerful Tools - The Question You Won't Be Prepared

First of all I am not going to tell you what the question is. I am going to tell you something useful though related to the question. This is a question that I prepare all of my clients to answer and to answer fully and truthfully. The answer to this question, for which there can be many different answers, can in some cases provide the judge with a helluva lot of useful insight and information in making a decision on your case. The judge can ask you anything. Every single aspect of your life since you stopped working, and even before, may be asked about. Much of it you may wonder why they are asking it or why is it relevant. If it's relevant to the judge and the judge wants to know about and is asking it then it's relevant. There is good reasoning and logic behind just about everything they ask. I am not telling you the question because as much as I believe in educating people about the process and having the general public get a better understanding of it I also believe judges should have as much information as possible to make good informed decisions. There is nothing sneaky or devious about the question. Oh and the question is not "Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party of the United States of America?"

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