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Marijuana and Social Security Disability

In general the following is true about this issue. Social Security will know if you have ever smoked marijuana. If you have ever used marijuana ILLEGALLY there is a good chance it will hurt your case. This is true even if you used it for medicinal purpose. If you have ever smoked marijuana LEGALLY for medicinal purposes there is still a good chance it will hurt your case. If you used it LEGALLY under the guidance of a specialist who is treating you for the condition being treated with marijuana then that is different. If you are taking it for mental illness this means your treating psychiatrist knows about it, advised you to use it and it monitoring your use along with all your other medications. Likewise if it was for musculoskeletal issues it would be a physiatrist/pain management specialist. If it was chronic headaches possibly a neurologist. Many people have turned to ILLEGALLY using marijuana because they feel or say that nothing else has helped. You get the point. Every person's disability case is unique to varying degrees. Talk to an attorney who knows the process to see how much or an issue marijuana may or may not to your case. Don't take a chance. Don't assume it's nothing.

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