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They're Real People!

Today is Christmas. So I am going to write something positive. Earlier this month I traveled down to Washington D.C. to hear oral arguments on a case regarding Social Security Disability. I am not going to talk about my case but about the experience of going to the court. While I have been to Washington D.C many times and even lived there for 5 years, I never went to the Supreme Court. When the 9 justices entered the room, a very funny idea hit me right away. They're normal, living, breathing people. It seriously was close to an epiphany or major revelation. You may say "Well of course they are. Did you think they were robots or aliens or demons?" No of course not. As an attorney I like to think that I am all about rationale analytical decision making. Let's face it. This country is in the middle of a civil war. It's not about guns and weapons but about philosophies and beliefs and morals and ethics. It goes to the heart of every American. The Supreme Court has been dragged into this. In this war you're either for us or against us. The Supreme Court is fighting to stay above the fray. The media has some blame. All Americans have some blame. And the many people in this country who make money off of dividing us rather than unifying us are to blame. And so everyone on the Court has to be categorized and put in a box. Yet if they are so different and represent such polarizing views how do they come together and work together day after day? Seeing their behavior and how they all acted during oral arguments I said to myself, "Well they all seem like nice guys and women." Justice Sotomayor said recently that they are one big family. I want to add to that. They are like one big family at Christmas. They have their differences. They argue. They laugh. They work together because it is in the interest of them and all of America. I think the US Supreme Court should start televising all oral arguments. This is the best thing they can do to show America that they are above the fray and are working for the betterment of all of us and not just another political arm of the government. We need this now more than ever.

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