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"I Don't Like Taking a Lot of Pills. I Want to Get Better Naturally."

It's not uncommon to hear this or to even feel it if you have been prescribed multiple medications. Medications have side effects. Some people experience more side effects than others. Those prescription drug commercials on tv have become something of a joke. There are scenes of people white water rafting, running carelessly through fields, and just having wonderful lives. Then there is all the very fine print at the bottom with all the possible side effects. Some commercials even have the announcer try to say them all as if he is in a race to save his life if he doesn't say them all in 15 seconds. So what does this have to do with Social Security Disability?

This is what it has to do with it. To have a strong Disability case you need to take whatever prescription medications your doctor advises. You need to take them regularly exactly as prescribed. If they are causing side effects you need to tell your Doctor. If they are causing side effects that are so severe you feel you can't take them anymore then you need to tell your Doctor and ask for a substitute prescription or another prescription to alleviate the side effect. And of course you need to tell your Doctor how well your medications are or are not helping to see if they need to be switched. You should be as specific as possible in explaining how and to what degree any medication is or is not helping. This is a process that can take months or even years. Social Security wants to see that you've done everything possible and worked as closely with your Doctor as possible to get the best result possible from your medications.

This all sounds so simple right? "Well Duh!" you might say. Well for various reasons a lot of people don't do this. That's another blog post.

And as for holistic, herbal, and natural remedies. Of course you can try them but they won't mean anything for your case. There is no Whole Foods Market in the Social Security Administration.

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